8 Reasons Why Brand Licensing is a Brilliant Business Model

Are you questioning how licensing can benefit your brand?  Are you unsure about what you may be giving up financially by licensing? Do you stress about delegating and prefer to create everything yourself? Over my 20+ year career in licensing, I have had these same misgivings about the licensing business model.  I often wondered whether taking a fraction of the revenue from sales of product lines I’ve created with clients was really worth it.  I got tired and frustrated when manufacturing partners didn’t understand my vision or, worse yet, pay on time. I even started my own product line and retail operation to see what it was like “on the other side”.  After spending a considerable amount of time searching for other careers for myself, and even investing my time and resources in tech start ups and e-commerce ideas, I have come to realize that licensing is simply a brilliant and efficient business model. In this episode, I explain why becoming a brand licensing agent was one the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life. I share 8 reasons why licensing can change your life too (some are obvious and others may surprise you).