About Julie Turkel

Julie Turkel is a brand licensing agent, strategy consultant and overall champion for creative brands.  With over 20 years of experience in brand licensing, and a unique ability to trend-spot rising design talent, Julie has taken her clients from seed stage to multi-million dollar lifestyle brand through the licensing/partnership business model.

Julie left her entertainment licensing career working for media powerhouses like Nickelodeon (she calls her time there the “Harvard education in licensing”) on a hunch that “high design for the masses” would be a lasting trend.   In 2000, she started a boutique licensing agency Ripe Ideas, uniquely focused on creative clientele. Julie has worked with acclaimed designers including Nate Berkus and surface pattern brands French Bull and Dabney Lee (among others). Julie has launched brands at major retailers including Target, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Home Goods (to name a few).  As a strategy consultant, Julie has also worked with numerous manufacturers seeking to grow their businesses through licensing brands.

Her journey as a media upstart, turned creative entrepreneur + brand builder, combined with a commitment to service, led Julie to launch  Brand Plus Brand , an online crash course in licensing (co-created with artist/influencer Jenna Rainey).  Listen to Julie’s podcast for free advice on brand licensing and life as a creative entrepreneur.

Follow Julie on Instagram @iamjulieturkel feel free  to get in touch .