To Buy Luxury Bags or to Bag Borrow Or Steal?

bag borrow or steal
Gucci Dionysus bag leased from Bag Borrow or Steal

I have a confession: as much as I love luxury and fashion, I am not really a bag girl.  Correction: I actually love bags, but I have a hard time making the investment unless I know it’s a “forever bag” like a Birkin . You see, I’ve made a few big bag mistakes in the past and I’m now a little leery.

My first ever status bag was the Chloe Paddington in black with the massive 2 pound padlock. I got it for my 30th birthday and I have to admit it was very good for business as it was the ultimate conversation piece in meetings.“How much did you spend on that bag?” , “How heavy is it?”.  Then came a Balenciaga motorcycle bag and the Celine Boogie tote. The perfect status bag completes an outfit – period, end of subject. The $1K+ price tag can probably be justified when you look at it’s fashion “importance”, combined with its utilitarian function and cost per wear. But for me, re-sale value has become an increasingly critical factor in my purchase decisions. You might even make money if you sell an it bag at the height of its popularity (when you are still kind of attached). But if you wait too long, the trends will change and you literally can’t give it away when you are really done. Case in point: I gave away my Chloe Paddington bag after years of waiting for it to come “back in style”.

Remove this tag, rent a luxury bag and return

The concept of accumulating a status bag collection being a cost prohibitive, depreciating asset has been part of my buying philosophy for a while, and is at the root of my status bag purchase paralysis. That’s when a millenial friend of mine, an influencer who appeared on Instagram to have a costly collection of Chanel, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, admitted tome that she had been renting luxury bags through Bag Borrow or Steal. I first heard about that concept in the Sex in the City movie (remember Louise from St Louis with her Louis bag?). As an avid eBayer since 2001, I was an early adopter of buying and re-selling luxury items, but renting a luxury bag never occurred to me – but why not? I would gladly stay in a luxury hotel room that thousands of people have used before me. As long as it’s tasteful, clean and comfy… the same holds true for me and my bags. So, I decided to check it out.

Bag Borrow and Steal had a decent selection of designer bags to rent. Many of the ones I wanted were already “on loan”, but I had been eyeing a Gucci Dionyssus bag that I had seen on several other people and decided to give it a shot. The item arrived clean enough, a great size and it was perfect – for the moment. And that is the brilliant part ! At less than $150 a month to“rent”it (about a tenth of the price of the bag), and no buyer’s remorse, it truly is a steal.



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