Work Less, Live More: Introducing Brand Plus Brand

Brand Plus Brand is here and ready to transform your  creative lives! If you are on this site, you are probably interested in exploring how licensing will help your brand and business.  Art licensing is one of the fastest growing segments of the $260B+ licensing business.  Licensing is also a brilliant business model for converting your creativity into a thriving revenue stream that allows you to focus on your craft, while leaving the heavy lifting to the experts.

I partnered up with artist + influencer + educator/CEO Jenna Rainey to bring you an online course that demystifies the business of licensing (i.e. in a licensing deal, who does what?), includes my trade secrets (i.e. how I hone in on the right strategy for my clients), the exact template I use to sell my clients’ brands to partners + lessons on technical design and social media savvy taught by Jenna Rainey.  All of this knowledge and information is packed into one online class.  Read more about Brand Plus Brand and buy it here.