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1 Hour Consultation

This 1-hour consultation with Julie is an opportunity to really dive in and ask all of your questions. Whether you  want feedback on your brand presentation, website, or portfolio, need help identifying your strategy and prospective partners, have questions about pricing and  negotiations, finding the right agent, pitching your brand or have general questions about how licensing works – this is your time to use as you wish


VIP Coaching Package

This package is designed to get you closer to your goals, whether you are a beginner looking to launch a licensing program, or whether you are experienced and need support around strategy, deal negotiations and more.

This package includes 6 1-hour recorded bi-monthly Zoom sessions of personalized guidance to

  • Finalize your pitch and sales materials
  • Identify the right product categories and retail channels to pitch
  • Gt introduced to the exact companies and contacts that align with your goals
  • Receive ongoing support throughout the pitching and negotiation process
  • Identify the most effective marketing tactics to grow your visibility and attract more licensees

With this package, you’ll have everything you need to establish your art licensing business and take it to the next level.  

When you purchase the package you can schedule your first session and my assistant will reach out to schedule the remaining sessions.


Click the link below to schedule 1:1 with Julie or check out Julie’s e-course Brand Plus Brand or membership options.

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