Consults with Julie


Brand Presentation Review 

In this 15-minute consultation, you will submit your final brand presentation deck that you’ve created via the Brand Plus Brand Template for Julie’s review. You will have the opportunity to practice your pitch during this time as well. Following the meeting, Julie will provide her feedback on your presentation with written comments and edits to strengthen your work and better capture potential deals. You should expect her thorough review within 1 week of your meeting.

(This review is for Brand Plus Brand Students only)


30 Minute Consultation

This 30-minute consultation with Julie is an opportunity to really dive in and ask her anything! It is your very own personalized Q & A. Come prepared with all of your questions. This may include questions that came up as you completed Brand Plus Brand, about negotiations with prospective partners, selecting the right agent, pricing your work, building your creative asset library, or general questions about how to best present your brand.


Coaching Package

The coaching package, which includes six 30 minute sessions with Julie is for the person that is really ready and committed to leveling up their knowledge of licensing, signing an agent, negotiating with potential business partners and so much more. Not only will you receive Julie’s personalized attention and feedback, but she will make strategic introductions to her peers and other industry leaders she sees fit for the future of your brand.

A typical set of sessions will include:

Review of your work, your presentations, and feedback
Progress checks based on feedback and assigned “homework”
Recommend resources and areas of focus needed to improve your licensing potential
Recommend agents and partners to pursue
Facilitate agent introductions
Answer questions about pricing and negotiations


Julie offers a 20% discount for Brand Plus Brand students (code is given with your class purchase).


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