Louis Vuitton + Jeff Koons + The Masters

Louis Vuitton collaboration with Jeff koons

They say two is company and three’s a crowd, but no one ever said a word about four, five, six and more brands together! Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration masterpiece is quite the mashup -a partnership with iconic artist Jeff Koons and the great art Masters literally, Van Gogh, Leonardo DaVinci, Rubens, Fragonard and Titian.  The end result is a creation of bags and accessories whose beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I laughed out loud when Jill Kargman posted a picture of the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag featuring the Mona Lisa on her Instagram with the caption: “Dude I’d rather carry my Filofax, sunglasses, tic-tacs, and cellphone in my arms than in one of those Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton Mona Lisa bags”.  One of Kargman’s followers jokingly confirmed that Mona Lisa is definitely not smiling about this one!

I can understand the reaction – it’s an unexpected pairing between a prolific modern artist and one of the greatest art masterpieces of all time, but it’s these kind of bold statements that make my rather traditional business world of brand partnerships so exciting these days (and it gets people talking).  If there were ever a time to invest in a Van Gogh…

From what I understand, consumers are actually investing and the collaboration is a success. Louis Vuitton is in the enviable position as a luxury brand that is able to be classic, timeless, generation-less while also pushing the envelope wide open through it’s collaborations with so many amazing artists. Louis Vuitton is creating collector’s pieces for the museums that are our closets and, as with any great work of art, it wouldn’t be art without a few critics.

What do you think of these bags?  Do you prefer classic Louis Vuitton or its limited edition collaborations?

Photo from Louis Vuitton