Meet Artist + Author + Influencer + Educator Jenna Rainey

Jenna Rainey is the latest quadruple-threat to join my roster of established designer brand partners, and I have never met anyone as savvy and talented as Jenna.  Jenna’s creative career began when she found a random box of watercolors while moving apartments.  Jenna took it as a sign begin painting to relieve stress from her office job.  This was 8 years ago when a little app called Instagram was on the rise, and Jenna started posting her work and sharing #bts videos.  180K+ followers, 2 best-selling watercolor books, and a vast range of promotional partners and product launches later, Jenna turned an unexpected side-hustle into a 7 figure business.  The cornerstone of the Jenna Rainey brand is in her belief that if you can draw a circle, you can paint a flower.  Jenna’s commitment to education and sharing her secrets to success with other creatives has given rise to a wide range of online courses marketed to her growing audience.

In 2020, new-mom-to-Myles Jenna will debut licensed products in various baby categories including Toki mats and Little Sleepies pajamas, plus stationery and home office products will ship to Staples and Target in partnership with Blue Sky Planners.  Other licenses and collaborations include Papyrus, Pier One, Healthade, Amchor Brewing, Copper Pearl and more.  To read more about Jenna Rainey and see her incredible site click here.