Create winning presentations and marketing materials to land licensing deals and agents





Are You...

  • Interested in maximizing your creative revenue potential and building a passive income stream
  • Dreaming of seeing your brand name, designs and art on products in stores
  • Looking to land your dream collabs

If you've wondered what licensing companies and agents are looking for in a brand and want to know how other artists, influencers and creators land licensing deals, you are in the right place.


Mastering the Pitch 

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A masterclass designed for artists, designers, influencers, and other creatives who want to learn the skills and strategies needed to sell themselves and land licensing deals. 

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Identify your unique brand's unique selling points

  • Speak the language of your target audience  and hook them in

  • Create the exact presentations that agents use to land licensing deals

  • Present your portfolio and concept presentations like a pro

  • Know exactly what to attach to that email and bring to that meeting with your dream collab to get the deal done

What's In The Course...




  • Why your presentation is everything
  • Common mistakes you are making in your pitches
  • The problem with relying on your websites or social media to market and pitch opportunities
  • How to successfully use this course to become a pro at presenting your unique vision



Pitch Essentials

There are ways to tell your story and present your opportunity that instantly open up doors.  In this lesson, you will nail down the essential elements that go into every pitch, including:

  • How to really know and cater to your audience
  • Creating your unique brand positioning 
  • Identifying your key selling assets and how to express them in your pitches
  • Writing the perfect bio for your presentation, website and other marketing materials

Exercises in the course workbook will help you create brand-right visuals, marketing messaging and killer copy to use in your presentations, website and marketing materials 


Creative Essentials

How do you demonstrate your vision and provide a taste of your style without presenting too little or too much? What if you are a media personality, interior designer or influencer who technically does not have an art library to license? This lesson will provide guidance on:

  • How to define your style in 3 words
  • How much art you need to have in your portfolio
  • How to organize and present your portfolio
  • How to present your design vision with mood boards if you are a creator that is not an artist

You’ll finish this lesson with clarity on your creative vision and how to present again and again (Collab, Grow, Repeat)


Presentation Templates

Call us old school, the licensing industry likes to see pitches in pdf form and there are commonly used formats.  This lesson will review the formats and  templates included in the course and will guide you on how to create successful presentations that reflect your brand and vision, including:

  • Big Brand Book
  • Brand Snapshot
  • Concept & Mockups

Real presentation examples in this lesson will show you a variety of presentations for beginners, artists, designers and influencers, while Julie explains how and why they are effective. The course workbook conveniently includes actual Canva templates for you to customize and take action


This course is for you if...

  • You are dreaming of seeing your designs on retail shelves
  • You want to land licensing deals with best-in-class partners
  • You want to create long-term passive income
  • You dream of creating a lifestyle brand that lives on for years
  • You want an easy no-brainer solution so you can fire off those emails and meet with partners with confidence

I'm Julie Turkel

As a brand licensing agent, I've taken my clients from seed stage to multi-million dollar lifestyle brand through licensing partnerships.  My clients are established artists, designers and media personalities including interior designer Nate Berkus, designer Dabney Lee and influencers like Srah McCallsiter.
My boutique licensing agency began with a very bold cold call to my dream client.  Without any contacts in the design world, my "art" was knowing just the right thing to say, and how to say it, to my hook my target audience.  Armed with my pitching superpowers, I've had the good fortune to work with some of the best talent in the business. The rest is two decades of launching licensing programs at Target, Staples, Walmart, Sam's Club, Macy's, Crate & Barrel, TJ Maxx and more.

I created this course after seeing hundreds of pitches from creatives that, frankly, missed the mark. I know you all need this resource! In this course, I share the exact methods I and other pros use for pitching and landing licensing deals.  No gatekeeping allowed!

What people are saying about Julie's courses and coaching...

"My biggest win has been signing with a licensing agency! I’m very excited to start making passive income off of my art and not just selling individual paintings.""

- Kortni Gunn
"My goals for 2022 was to learn more about licensing and work towards getting an agent for my artwork...  Since [working with Julie] I was able to understand the industry better, revise my brand book, pitch to licensors and sign a contract with an agent. Thank you Julie!"
- Leslie Trimbach @leslietrimbach
"I think perhaps the most needed and impactful course lesson (for me) was the downloadable template... I'm such a visual person it was super helpful to complement all of the great advice and commentary... It was something I could action immediately, which helped me visualize my plan..."
- Aryn Nutter

Are you ready to say goodbye to lackluster pitching and hello to licensing success?

Mastering The Pitch

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